Pause for Thought on BBC Radio 2

Listen to Inderjit’s 4-part series on Pause for Thought that aired throughout the first quarter of 2021

My Biggest Temptation…

Pause For Thought: ‘Temptation is about going against rules.’

The Real Me…

Pause For Thought: “Who I am is more than where I come from.”

World Book Day…

Pause For Thought: “Books take me to places I cannot visit, and to people I cannot see.”

The Most Amazing Invention…

Pause For Thought: “Sharing bread is an act of love and inclusion, a sign of respect for the people around you.”

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One Comment

  1. Hello Inderjit,

    I was so grateful to receive information about your Webinar this evening and am very pleased that I was able to take part.
    A number of years ago, I moved from St. John’s in Wolverhampton to Pleck Methodist Church, Walsall. However, in the last three years my engagement with Methodism through COVID and subsequently has been through online worship where I have chosen to perform a lay preaching role among those people who have felt unable to to return to a church building. Consequently, I am a bit distant from Pleck, although that is where my membership is. I would regard Pleck as a Church of Sanctuary because of its active work, led by Margaret Gibbons, with refugees and asylum seekers who found themselves placed by the Home Office in Walsall. I will follow up with Margaret but I wanted to ask you if Pleck has taken the formal step to be a Church of Sanctuary.
    During the Webinar, I took the chance to check on the status of Wolverhampton and, to my delight, find that Wolverhampton is a City of Sanctuary and that ten schools are Schools of Sanctuary. The Kingdom truly is among us!
    God bless you.
    Keep in touch.


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