Part of the Communion in Times of Coronavirus series of gentle reflections
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Here are short reflections for personal reflection and consideration regarding Communion in Times of Coronavirus.

  1. Greeting and sharing peace – 11/03/2020
  2. Don’t Isolate – 17/03/2020
  3. Just an Hour a Day – 29/03/2020
  4. Where is God in all this – 24/03/2020
  5. Be a Sanctuary to Yourself – 27/03/2020
  6. A Creed and Confirmation of Faith – 29/03/2020
  7. He Restores My Soul (Psalm 23:3) – 06/04/2020
  8. Live Your Life in a Manner Worthy of The Gospel (Philippians 1:27) – 10/04/2020
  9. Good Friday – 10/04/2020
  10. Easter Meditation – 12/04/2020
  11. Virtual Sanctuary – Building Welcome, Maintaining Connection with Refugees – 29/04/2020
  12. Three Pieces of Ancient Wisdom Still Relevant Today – 30/04/2020
  13. Wisdom for Anxious Days – 03/05/2020
  14. Lessons from Ray Davey: Corrymeela Reflection and Prayer – 08/05/2020
  15. Wisdom of Breath – 10/05/2020
  16. Stillness – 17/05/2020
  17. Attention – 24/05/2020
  18. Wisdom of Hope – 28/05/2020
  19. Six Words to Live By – 14/06/2020
  20. Wisdom In Jesus’ Prayer – 12/07/2020
  21. Beatitudes: Or Be Attitudes – 19/07/2020
  22. Black History Month – 04/10/2020
  23. Praying for Peace – 04/10/2020
  24. Remembrance Day 2020 – 08/11/2020
  25. Ebor Black and White – 21/11/2020

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  1. Warm greetings Inderjit
    This is most helpful. I’m saying to friends, how important it is to have a pattern for the living of these days..not to be slavishly followed but a kind of framework such as the one you suggest. For some the very thought of several weeks – or months – with acres of seemingly endless time, is formidable, frightening even. I am seeing this as a gift ..I intend to reflect, write in the morning; after lunch, letters and telephone friends, family and those who will find this time especially difficult. In the evening read, listen to music and watch TV – favourite past series and some recorded cricket! I want to set aside one day for more silent reflection, especially on themes such as the one you mention – what is our theology about this virus? And just to BE. Not forgetting, the importance of exercise and a bit of gardening! Thank you for all your wisdom, compassionate and practical counsel. Stay safe and keep well.

  2. Thank you Inderjit for your reflection and ongoing wisdom. I was so pleased to hear that you and Cathy Bird are able to lead our Spectrum Conference in 2021… am reading and being fascinated by Cathy’s book at the moment.!
    I trust you’re keeping well along with Cathy, Anjula and Liamerjit (spelling?)
    On my daily bike ride around our growing estate, presumeably drawn by the children. Our Tewkesbury foodbank is still operating to unsurprising growing demand, but with half the volunteers, as the other half of us are over 70. Still, the Admin team and myself have grappled with Zoom (!) so we have daily catch ups.
    Keep up the good work, Inderjit, you’re continuing to be a true inspiration to so many… thoughts and prayers. 🌈

    1. Thank you Carrie.
      Lovely to hear from you.
      Give me a call sometime to chat.
      Stay well and keep in touch.

  3. Dear Inderjit,
    What a blessing to read your wise words. I have been travelling up and down from Hereford daily for the last two weeks as I serve in the community of Pendeford at St Paul’s Cof E Primary School. We are running a Rainbows in the Rain club for our vulnerable children and those children of key workers . It has been tough balancing rally and reassurance with staff; responding to the calls of social services; challenging the LA to be flexible rather than dogmatic in these different times and all under the back drop of restructuring and an inadequate budget. We are seeking to be a sanctuary ( on the verge of applying to be a school of sanctuary ) as ‘ we build each other up with God as our firm foundation .’ How thankful I am for those Stratton Street foundations of community, harmony in diversity and practical care. Thank you.
    Please check out our website to see a wonderful image created for these times by one of our TAs.:
    With real love – and virtual hugs !
    Angela Daniel (nee Manning)

    1. Hello Angela.
      Great to be in touch.
      I have had a look at your website. Excellent.
      Stay well and keep in touch.

  4. Thank you Inderjit for the great idea and new doing church during this unusual and strange times .The Holy community liturgy during COVID19 definitely will be appreciated by our staff here .will throw this on our circuit staff online Conference meeting this Tuesday
    Many thanks to you for this.
    Rev Francis M Itiiri

  5. Dear Inderjit,
    I am truly inspired by your exposition on ‘Where is God in all of this’. Thank you so much.
    In these challenging times we need encouragement and support more than ever. I love the idea of focusing on sacredness rather than scaredness.
    Thanks for sharing and keep up the good work.

    Blessings to you and your family.
    With gratitude,

  6. Be a Sanctuary to Yourself is a profound article and touched me deeply. It captures the whole message of Love your Neighbour, as Yourself. Without loving and caring for ourselves first we are not truly able to love others.
    Being present to ourselves, BEING with ourselves is truly to meet God within…at the core, most vulnerable part. It means being real, authentic.

    Thank you again for an inspiring, thought provoking article.

    1. Hello and thank you for your reflection Baljeet.
      I will continue to write and reflect and add to the website.
      Be a sanctuary to yourself.

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