White and Yellow Bird Perched on Tree Branch

I love snowdrops and Robins.

The snowdrops flower in January, around the time of my birthday. They gladden my heart.

The Robin is a favourite bird.

I found myself looking at a Robin with our two year old grandson.

I asked him what colour he could see on the front of the Robin.

He looked carefully, and then he said, “Orange”.

Later I showed him a photo of a Robin in our bird book.

Robin red breast indeed has an orange breast.

The art of bird Watching

The art of bird watching is to learn to look carefully at an actual bird, and then go to a bird book to identify it.

Two thousand years ago Jesus offered very simple advice to anxious friends.

Jesus said to them “consider” the lilies and the birds.

The word “consider” is important.

It can mean examine, reflect and meditate carefully.

Anxiety and stress arises from focussing on things that are beyond your control.

Depression is about not being in control of events, and the future.

There are many strategies for being calm and coping with stress.

Stargazer Lilies to make you pause for thought
don’t run away from your anxieties

When Jesus said “consider the lilies” he wasn’t telling me to ignore my troubles, he was saying don’t run away from your anxieties, but don’t let them weigh too much on your mind. Spend some time with nature, it has therapeutic qualities.

Hummingbird pollinating blooming Zinnia in nature in daytime

I try not to worry too much about the future.

I see beauty in the simple things and gifts of life around me.

Ten minutes looking at the birds and the flowers give solace and strength.

When I give attention to what is in front of me, and consider what is before me.

I have a very simple technique for considering the flowers and birds.

I draw them. I am not an artist.

I look at what I want to draw, and draw without removing my eyes away from what I am drawing.

The purpose is not to draw a masterpiece work of art. It is to consider what I am looking at.

This helps me to be calm and cool.

Inderjit Bhogal, 29 March 2022



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