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My biggest temptation is to climb Mount Everest without the aid of oxygen supplies.

I would be going against all rules to even attempt this, and it would test all my resolve and resilience.

If I were to try, at my age, I may incur some pleasure, but most likely would bring harm upon myself and others.

Temptation is about going against rules.

Sometimes for worthy, but often for selfish reasons.

Covid-19 has added layers of rules to our lives.

What we can or can’t do.

Where and when we can or cannot go.

Whilst breaking them might allow us to find pleasure in the moment, ultimately giving way to temptation would be a selfish act that would only serve ourselves.

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This week marks the beginning of Lent for Christians, a period of forty days associated with fasting, like the month of Ramadan for Muslims.

A Pastor in Black Long Sleeves Breaking Bread

Lent is rooted in the temptations of Jesus Christ. He was tempted to break rules by turning stones into bread, protecting himself from harm, and taking all power to himself.

Each of his temptations was about his personal gratification, and like trials to test his resolve.

Jesus resisted his temptations by refusing personal and selfish gratification.


Today, most of our temptations are about money, safety and power.

Personal welfare and pride is at the centre of temptation.

There’s party. There’s a cake. I have been asked to cut it and serve it.

I’m good at cutting the slices equally.

But I am always tempted to cut a slightly larger piece for myself, especially if it is Black Forest Gateau.

I am tempted to want a little bit more for myself.

Unrecognizable Hands Cutting Round Cake Sprinkled with Castor Sugar

It is always about putting myself first.

In the light of Lent and Covid 19, one thing we could try at this time, is resisting temptation for personal gratification, out of respect for yourself and others.

So, I’ll give Everest a miss.

Inderjit Bhogal, 17 February 2021



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