This year’s Refugee Week in June is extra special because it coincides with the 60th anniversary of the UN Refugee Convention. City of Sanctuary groups all over the country are involved in a tremendously varied and creative mix of initiatives, all aiming to celebrate the contribution of refugees and asylum seekers to our communities and to build bridges of understanding and friendship between refugee communities and all sectors of society. The website will be showcasing some of these initiatives, so make sure you look out for the news of what is happening in your area!

City of Sanctuary are delighted to announce that their friends and colleagues in Refugee Council are also celebrating their 60th anniversary, and have marked the occasion with a wonderful initiative which is outlined below. City of Sanctuary endorse and support this initiative, and encourage you to take a moment to sign the pledge.

Refugees are ordinary people in extraordinary circumstances. They’ve been forced to leave their homes and their families to escape from war, torture and persecution. Refugees are looking for something we all take for granted – safety. 2011 is the 60th anniversary of the UN Refugee Convention – The international treaty which guarantees refugees’ rights. British lawyers played a crucial role in drafting the Convention and the UK was one of the first countries to sign. The Refugee Convention has saved countless lives and no country has ever withdrawn from it.”

2011 is also the 60th anniversary of the two organisations that later merged to become the Refugee Council. To mark this anniversary, City of Sanctuary are asking 10,000 people to join with them in speaking up for a great British tradition – refugee protection – by signing their special pledge. Show your support for Refugee Protection and sign the pledge at

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